It is  the  best  department of  hospital  and  provide  facilities  by  well equipped  ward  and  experienced  specialist  doctors and  hard working  nurses . we  care  and  cure   children  from  born to  16 years.

the  ward  consists  of   OPD  ,  Observation  room  ,  Procedure room , NICU ,  ICU  ……etc.

we  provide  facilities  for  newborn  babies   in  delivery  room  and  operation theater   even  with  respiratory  failure  and  present  the best  quality  mechanical  ventilators  for   ARDS patient.

we  are  working  non- stop  24h/day  and  7days/week . so  if  your  sweet baby is  suffering from  health  problem don’t  forget us. we are  here to  serve  you.

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