Magnet therapy is a new  method of  therapy   which is  the  modern and best  method  in  the  world . And is very useful for all age categories.  This method doesn’t have any side effect, by  use of this method  we  can  give  you   best  relief  of   pain in  better  way .  Our departments are divided into 4 parts of cure.

1- Sliming  Machine

2- Magnet therapy

3- Acupressure

4- Manual  Therapy .

we  present  all  method   by   best  technology .  we  are  working  on    kinds of   diseases  as

( stroke  , cervical  problems , knee  pain ,  shoulder  pain ,  foot  and  hand  pain , LBP , ….etc.)

the  sliming  part of  physiotherapy  department   equipped  with  high  technology   machinery

to  reduce   your  fat  and  give   you  a  nice  figure . the  acupuncture machines  are  internationally

certified  and    we  want  better  health for  you  and  this  is  our  comment .

IMG_7749 IMG_7750 physiothrapy